The Dream Sequence

by Nathaniel Hockman

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Release Date:August 09, 2008
The concept for this album or project presented itself to me in a sarcastic impulsive thought that I then later brainstormed and turned into the LP that it is. The story behind it is based around one of my songs in particular. It wasn't even a real song when I originally recorded it in 2006 but found itself on an album anyway as an interlude as its purpose. In fact, I was on the verge of throwing out the song after mixing it but saved it anyway. Over the past two years of burning, mailing, and giving out free albums, the one song people always brought up or told me they enjoyed was this interlude, better known as, "The Dream Interlude". The song itself was a little riff I thought of sometime during the early afternoon on a random day in 2006 and it wasn't something I was proud of until people gave me the feedback they gave me. Many people can relate to the feeling of putting your all into certain things and then close to zero effort in something else and that something else standing out to people more then the things you thought people would like. Overall, I was happy I didn't scrap it. After the hype I told myself I was going to record a mix based around dreams and that interlude. I recorded a new version of the original song and also included new songs recorded on the spot with no prior rehearsal. Songs taken from the "2008 Compilation" were also songs written as they were being recorded and that was one of the reasons they found themselves in the mix. The album title was called the Dream Sequence because of Luke Runyan. He constantly called the dream interlude the dream sequence time and time again. All of the songs fit a theme, a specific mood and flow together in a common key. I learned a lot about myself when I put this project together.


released August 9, 2008

All music written and recorded by Nathaniel Hockman. Mixed and produced and performed by Nathaniel Hockman. Everything was recorded onto my BOSS 8-track recorder and than mixed in Adobe Audition 1.0. Album art by Nathaniel Hockman



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Nathaniel Hockman Ypsilanti, Michigan

A long series of recordings started in 1997 as I began to figure out how to make music and recordings on my own. The discography will take some time to upload. My archive is under construction....always.

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